Useful Links

The following links may be useful to coMerit website visitors. If you would to suggest a link to us or report any errors or incomplete descriptions please be sure to contact us with your views.

NameWebsiteBrief Description
Environmental Protection Agencywww.epa.ieWide range of environmental information & guidance. Includes guidance on environmental legislation and best practice.
SEAIwww.seai.ieEnergy information for home and business. Includes available grant support. Energy Bill Tracker Tool is a good (and free) spreadsheet for logging and analysing your energy use.
Enterprise Irelandwww.envirocentre.ieInformation on environmental support for industry. Searchable registers of environmental legislation, waste recyclers, environmental products and services. Best practice guides.
Greenbusiness.iewww.greenbusiness.ieEPA funded website for businesses. Tools for monitoring environmental performance. Users can access free consultancy support.
Green Hospitality Awardwww.ghaward.ieEPA supported environmental certification scheme for hospitality businesses.