SEAI Capital Grants

€concertive has a long-standing relationship with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and €coMerit is registered with SEAI as a Sustainable Energy Community.

€coMerit member organisations can use their €coMerit certification as a route to access grant aid for energy-saving capital projects under the SEAI ‘Better Energy Communities’ grant scheme. The €concertive support for compiling these grant applications is free of charge.

To date, 45 member organisations have been awarded a total of €992,446 under this scheme. These are a mix of commercial, publically funded and charitable €coMerit member organisations.

The grant-aided works will save the beneficiary organisations a total of €622,979 per year in energy costs, and reduce their annual carbon emissions by 2,145 tonnes. The total value of the projects supported to date is €2.7 million.

€concertive compiles the grant applications and project manages the overall programme. Over the last six years we have achieved a 100% success record in converting our applications to grant awards. By way of comparison, SEAI typically reject around 60% of grant applications.

Applications are invited early each year, and a key to success is early planning. Members and prospective members should contact us well in advance to explore any energy-saving project which might benefit from grant support.