The EASI Fund


The coMerit Award for Sustainability Improvement (the EASI fund) is available to help €coMerit certificate holders to fund small scale environmental improvements. It is designed to complement the SEAI ‘Better Energy Communities’ (BEC) grant scheme (which is best suited to larger projects and is restricted to energy-saving improvements).

The EASI fund is sourced from the sale of energy credits accrued under previous successful €coMerit BEC projects. To date, €40,000 has been contributed to the fund.

Application Process

Applications are invited from current €coMerit certificate holders, for improvements at or closely related to the certified sites, where certification has been continuously held for a minimum of two years. This may include community or charitable projects which the €coMerit certificate holder supports.

Applications should be submitted to Econcertive on the EASI Fund Application Form. Key points to note are:

  • The upper limit of any single award is €4,000
  • The maximum award funding level for charitable and not-for-profit organisations will be 80% of the project cost
  • The maximum award funding level for commercial organisations will be 40% of the project cost
  • Evaluation will take account of the scope of the improvement and the amount requested (i.e. to deliver the best value for money from the EASI fund)
  • Retrospective applications will not be accepted
  • Applications must include the expected measurable results of the project, the basis of this expectation, and how these results will be measured.

For full details of the scheme and how to apply, see The EASI Fund Guide.

Applications and award offers are of course subject to funding availability at any give time.