EcoMerit Organisation

EcoMerit Management

The coMerit scheme is designed, owned and operated by Econcertive. It is funded through a mixture of direct client fees and financial support from the coMerit partner organisations.

EcoMerit Steering Group

The steering group is composed of one nominated member from each of the partner organisations. The steering group is charged with the oversight of the coMerit scheme as a whole; the setting of policy objectives; co-ordinating the efforts of the individual partners; and resolving any disputes or complaints which may arise.

The steering group and its individual members have no responsibility or liability for the day-to-day running of coMerit, and so retain independence when assessing and influencing the service. They equate to a non-executive board.


For coMerit to be effective it requires the client organisations to give their coMerit advisor free access to their premises and to their energy, waste and water related records. Information gleaned by the coMerit advisor is therefore confidential.

Client certification status, contact information, and the amalgamated performance figures for all coMerit companies will be placed in the public domain (notably on this website). coMerit partners will have access to reporting information, to allow them to monitor and verify the effectiveness of the coMerit programme.

No other client-specific information will  be divulged to any third party without the client’s express permission.

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