EcoMerit Principles & Partners

coMerit is built around some very simple ideas;

  • We are all morally obliged to reduce our energy & water consumption and our creation of waste, pollution and greenhouse gases.
  • Organisations are more likely to go ‘green’ if they see it will also save them money.
  • Organisations like recognition for being ‘green’, e.g. an environmental certification.
  • Environmental certification helps organisations to keep improving, and saving, year-on-year.
  • Conventional environmental certification schemes tend to be too expensive and time-consuming for smaller organisations to consider.

coMerit is designed to help organisations save on their energy, waste and water costs and achieve an environmental certification in a very simple, cost effective manner. It does this by concentrating only on the activities which get results and by cutting out the expense of auditors, accreditation and non-essential paperwork.

The design and operation of €coMerit exemplifies the ethical values of €concertive.

  • Our aim is to empower our clients to improve their sustainability
  • We do this by providing objective independent advice, expertise and support
  • Our advice is at all times focussed on the benefit of our client
  • We receive no financial incentive for recommending any product or service

coMerit is made possible by the support of our partner organisations who share these guiding principles and;

  • Oversee the coMerit scheme
  • Subsidise the cost of running the scheme
  • Provide staff for the coMerit Steering Group
  • Back each and every coMerit certificate

Our partner organisations are all selected as reputable organisations with a positive environmental track record.