ISO 14001 & Other Standards

Stepping Stone to ISO 14001 or Other Standards
If you have a longer-term objective of achieving an  ISO14001 environmental certification (or EMAS etc.), coMerit is an excellent way of making real and fast progress with minimal cost and effort.

This can be especially important if, for example;

  • Funding is not available for extensive consultancy support
  • In-house resources are limited
  • There is outside pressure (e.g. a customer expectation) to provide credible evidence of responsible environmental management.

coMerit shares the same core requirements as all recognised standards for environmental management systems, including ISO14001, EMAS and BS8555. For this reason it is well placed as a stepping stone to get you to your longer term objectives.

You will achieve;

  • The normal coMerit benefits, including savings in your energy, waste and water costs
  • An coMerit certification as interim proof of your commitment to environmental performance improvement
  • The foundations for your chosen final certification
  • A documented history of environmental responsibility which will stand well to you when it comes to your chosen final certification

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