EcoMerit for Larger Organisations

Although €coMerit was originally developed with SME’s in mind, there are a range of real benefits to be had by larger, cost-conscious organisations.

€coMerit Cost Savings & Certification

Exactly as with smaller businesses, you can use €coMerit as a very cost-effective way of achieving savings in energy, waste and water costs, and at the same time benefit from an environmental certification.

Stepping stone to ISO 14001 or Other Standards

If you have a longer-term objective of achieving ISO14001 certification (or EMAS or another standard), €coMerit is an excellent way of making real and fast progress with minimal cost and effort.

€coMerit has the same core requirements as all recognised standards for environmental management systems, and so is well placed as a stepping stone to get you to your longer term aims.

Supply Chain Greening

Environmentally-aware companies (often those with ISO14001 certification) may wish to extend their positive influence by encouraging their suppliers to become ‘greener’ and to achieve their own environmental certification.

You can do this cost-effectively, for both you and your suppliers, by using the €coMerit Supply Chain Scheme. This helps you support your local Irish suppliers without imposing onerous and expensive certification requirements upon them.

€coMerit Commercial Partner

€coMerit is supported by partnerships with influential environmentally-aware organisations. This can include commercial organisations who wish to enhance their environmental standing and also provide support for their customer and/or supplier base.