About Us

€coMerit is designed, owned and operated by €concertive, an independent company which was established by Managing Director Phil Walker in 2009. We are a family-based business.

concertive provides environmental support to businesses and organisations in all sectors, primarily by means of the €coMerit scheme. It is one of our core beliefs that we all need to be more sustainable in our daily lives and in our business practices. €concertive allows us to convert these beliefs into actions and to empower others to do likewise.


The way we conduct our business is a reflection of who we are. Our approach is underpinned by our core values of fairness, accountability and professionalism. We don’t sell products and therefore, for us, reputation is everything. We guard our reputation jealously and aim to be beyond reproach in all our business activities.

We have engaged the services of a professional ethicist, Dr. Kevin Sludds of ECTi, to help us document our approach to Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility and how it relates to our day-to-day operations. This is represented pictorially by our Ethics/CSR Pyramid.

Performance Measurement

We believe that claims need to be validated by objective measurement if they are to be taken seriously. Glossy brochures and anecdotal ‘feel good’ stories don’t make an organisation either ethical or green. Being able to put hard numbers on things, and making these numbers publically available, provides credibility.

We measure our environmental and ethical performance in a number of ways;

Performance MeasureTypeWhere Published
Econcertive Carbon Footprintin-house performanceEconcertive Case Study
EcoMerit Sites Combined Carbon Footprintbusiness performanceEcoMerit Performance
EcoMerit Certified Sitesbusiness performanceEcoMerit Companies
Average EcoMerit 'Year 1' Cost savingsbusiness performanceEcoMerit Performance
Grant Aid Won for EcoMerit Companiesbusiness performanceSEAI Capital Grants
Grant Funding Created under EcoMerit EASI Fundbusiness performanceThe EASI Fund
Percentage of Net Income Donated to Charitable Causesin-house performancesee below
Documenting Case Studies which include Environmental Improvement Databusiness performance (and in-house for Econcertive case studies)Case Studies


In-house Actions

We strive to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

  • We implement our own environmental improvements year-on-year
  • We buy our electricity from the ‘greenest’ electricity supplier in Ireland
  • We run an environmentally friendly Electric Vehicle
  • We minimise travel by having home and office on the same site
  • We recycle at least 70% of our waste
  • We compost on site
  • We use solar water heating
  • We buy only free range eggs (when our own free range hens don’t produce enough!)
  • We foster two rescue donkeys from The Donkey Sanctuary
  • We donate a minimum of 2% of our net income to charitable causes, meaning that we work one week per year for others (our ‘favourites’ are Concern, The Irish Red Cross and Bothar)

In short, we like to practice what we preach.