EcoMerit Process

€coMerit has been designed to be as simple for you, the user, as possible. Almost no preparation is needed. The focus is on cost savings and improvements rather than paperwork. For the paperwork that is required, we draft most of it for you, and give you extra help if you need it.

Application Complete the simple application form and email it to us (or post if you prefer)

Contract We will email your contract agreement to you. When you decide to proceed, we arrange a visit date and the agreement is activated. The only preparation you need for the visit is to dig out your recent energy, waste and water (if applicable) bills. Ideally going back one year, but if this is a problem, just pull together what you can.

EcoMerit Visit This is very informal (not an audit or inspection!) It should be hosted by someone in your organisation who is familiar with your arrangements for energy, waste and water and the day-to-day running of the site. Your €coMerit advisor will analyse your bills and then ‘walk and talk’ around the premises with you, looking for cost savings in energy, waste and water. Typically the whole visit takes around three hours.

EcoMerit Data Pack Your coMerit advisor then goes away, does any research or investigation needed, and then emails your data pack, which includes the improvements he recommends for you to consider. In each case, the expected savings are calculated and the implementation costs and pay-back times are estimated as applicable. The emphasis is on finding cost saving improvements which cost little to implement and which have fast pay-back times.

Decision You decide which improvements you will implement, and return the completed Data Pack. Typically, your Data Pack will amount to five pages, four of which will have been provided in draft form by your EcoMerit advisor. Your coMerit advisor will also help as may be needed, either by phone, email or personal visit.

Certification Once the completed Data Pack is returned and approved by the €coMerit Certification Manager, your €coMerit will be issued to you with a validity of three years.

Annual Surveillance At the start of Years 2 and 3, you will be asked to arrange a suitable time for your €coMerit advisor to call out. He will verify your certification, including your progress on your planned improvements, and also assist with finding further cost-saving improvements for the coming year.

NB: You have the right to terminate your €coMerit agreement at any time, without penalty. You may just advise us of your decision,  return your €coMerit certificate and pay any outstanding fees. It is our aim to ensure we provide such a good service that you will wish to stay with us rather than exercise this right.

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