EcoMerit Performance

At the end of each year performance statistics for the coMerit member companies will be published here.

Cost Savings

As of the end of 2017 a total of 153 companies have been awarded coMerit certificates. The smallest is a home-based sole trader. The largest is a manufacturing plant with 360 personnel. On average, these companies achieved annual cost savings of €8,360 on their energy, waste and water bills in their first year of membership. The typical €coMerit fee was €400.

Carbon Emissions Savings

Each year, the carbon emissions for the combined coMerit membership are calculated and compared with the equivalent emissions performance for the previous year. The results are shown in the table below.

Historical PerformanceNumber of Members ContributingCarbon Emissions for Year (tonnes)Improvement on Previous Year (tonnes)Percentage Improvement on Previous year
Overall Average9.2%

It can be seen that organisations which retain €coMerit certification continue to make significant year-on-year improvements well beyond the savings identified in their initial year of membership. This is to be expected, as ongoing certification requires an annual improvement plan to be implemented.

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