EcoMerit enables your business to Start Saving Money now!

  • Save on your Energy Costs
  • Save on your Waste generation and disposal
  • Save on your Water Costs
  • Improve your Environmental Performance
  • Become Environmentally Certified
  • Access Grant Funding

Small Investment – Substantial Return

€coMerit assist small businesses, medium organisations and large organisations in SAVING MONEY by looking closely at these costs, quickly finding cost-efficient ways of reducing them, while your business becomes greener at the same time. For a modest flat fee of typically €400 (ex VAT) we guarantee to find you savings which will exceed the small initial outlay.

coMerit Member Companies identify average annual savings in excess of €5000”.

To learn more of our practical low-cost service browse our case studies or contact us directly.

Note: €coCert is in the process of being re-branded as €coMerit. During the transition period, both names can be regarded as interchangeable.